NUCLEAR SEO 2 tier Link Pyramid Package for $20


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A 2-tier link pyramid with a huge diversity of links from multiple platforms and IP addresses. 

There are nearly 1,000 positive ratings for this backlink service from a Level X3 supplier. 

They keep this service up to date as well, to reflect the changes in SEO trends and search engine algorithms.


2-Tier Nuclear Backlink Service

This link pyramid is arguably not a pyramid at all, as it has only two tiers, but it still provides a hefty dose of link juice from a wide variety of platforms.

Links include; web 2 contextual links, article directory links, Edu links, wiki links and social bookmark links.

It’s a cheap, but very high quality looking link pyramid, with some very good customer reviews. 

The expected time for delivery stated as being 6 days, but it looks this guy was a bit optimistic with that estimate as the average delivery time is 9 days at the time of reviewing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just could be because they have been busy building those links on this very popular SEO service!

The Stats
Average time to deliver
9 Days
Positive ratings
Negative ratings
Length of time service offered
4 years
Stats correct at time of review
While we try to keep the stats and the prices for every SEO service that we have reviewed on this site up to date, they can change from day to day.