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SocailMonkee, Social Monkee, Social Bookmarks, SEO Service, BacklinksSocialMonkee is a cheap way to build effective backlinks fast, but you have to use it properly if you want to make it work.

Here's the lowdown on the backlinking tool that will only set you back less than $10 for a lifetime subscription!


Add Backlinks every single day with SocialMonkee

SocialMonkee is an automated backlink builder that enables you to create backlinks to your URLs from social bookmark sites. It does not create bookmarks on the biggest social bookmark sites; it uses its own network of sites and it creates the backlinks automatically for you.

You might have seen some of the negative reviews that are around about SocialMonkee, but I assure you that I have been using it for a couple of years now and I can tell you that it has helped me rank several of my websites, not just on the first page of search engine results, but at the number one spot for some money making keywords.

So, if you want to take the pain, grind and sheer boredom out of adding your URLs to social bookmarking sites, read on, and I’ll explain what SocialMonkee is and how best to use it.

What is SocialMonkee?

SocialMonkee is a very easy to use social bookmark auto-submitter.  Don’t let the words ‘bookmark auto-submitter’ put you off! Yes, if you add your URLs to multiple social bookmarks all in one go and you use exactly the same wording on every submission, you deserve to get hammered by the search engines, but that’s not how SocialMonkee works.

When you add URLs to social bookmarking sites with SocialMonkee, you can use multiple titles for your entries, multiple keywords, and you can spin the main body of the description of your web page or web site. You can also choose to drip feed the backlinks over time.

How to use SocialMonkee properly

SocialMonkee is incredibly good value for money. You can get a basic level lifetime subscription for less than $10 and that will give you 25 social bookmark backlinks to your URLs, every single day.

There are also various upgrade offers that, at very good prices, that give you many more backlinks per day as well as some extra functionality.

To use ScociaMonkee to its best advantage, though, you do need to take your time setting up each social bookmark backlink submission.

Use all the available titles

When you set up a URL for submission to social bookmark sites with SocialMonkee, depending on the membership level you have chosen, you will have the option to enter a number of different titles to be used in the bookmark backlinks. 

Make use of the maximum number of different titles that are allowed, because it will make the social-bookmark backlinks look a lot more natural.

Spin the description well

You are also asked to spin the description of your social bookmark backlinks. This, I suspect, is where some people fall down with SocialMonkee, because they don’t take enough time over the spinning, so they end with very spammy looking, short descriptions backing up their links.

You can use spinning software to do this, but the results will always not be as good they could be. It is better to take your time over this and write the spintax yourself. If you do that, you could end up with every single link having a properly worded, unique description.

It does take some time to write out the spintax and review it to make sure that it reads right, but the difference that it makes could be quite significant.

Use the maximum drip-feed time

You may be anxious to get the maximum number of backlinks in the shortest amount of time, but resist that temptation, and select the longest drip-feeding period that is available to you on SocialMonkee. That will make the social backlinks look a lot more natural and it will work a lot better than blitzing a URL with hundreds of links all in one go.

Don’t forget your link diversity

While SocailMonkee is cheap and easy to use, it definitely should not be your only means of generating backlinks. SocailMonkee can be used on your main site URLs as well as a way of boosting your Tier-2 links, but as always, the best backlinks are the natural diverse links, so you should use other link-building methods as well.

The SocialMonkee guys say themselves on their site that link diversity is important, so don’t ignore their advice!

How much does SocialMonkee Cost?

The basic level membership of SocialMonkee is hardly what you would call a major investment! At the time of writing this review a lifetime subscription is only $7, and there is even a 60-day money back guarantee should you change your mind!

If you use it as a part of your overall link building strategy, and you don’t abuse it, SocialMonkee is a great way to add new backlinks to your website, every single day.

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