Why Content Will Always Be the King of SEO


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The best SEO technique of them all is to have well-written, informative content on your website. 

Here’s why content will always be king.


Why Content Is Still King!

You can add all the backlinks to a site you want to and you might even generate some decent traffic, but at the end of the day, if you have poorly written content on your site, Google won’t like you and nor will your visitors.

You only have to spend a few minutes surfing the web and you will soon find examples of poorly written or badly spun content. The wording is bad, the grammar is atrocious and the message is completely lost in the bad writing.

Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who will gladly sell you poorly written or plagiarised content and that could damage the reputation of your site, as well as its search engine rankings. If you have ever been tempted to buy the cheapest content you can find, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Google wants users to find quality content

Google is no different to any other business in that, if it fails to provide consistently good results, people will stop using it. The guys at Google don’t penalise spammy, badly put together sites because they are spiteful people, they just want to ensure that the websites returned from their searches meet the needs of their users.

As Google gets better at identifying the badly written, keyword stuffed websites, so those sites will gradually fall to the bottom of the rankings. That’s why it is well worth paying a few extra bucks to get your content written properly.

Keywords are still important

One of the main ways that Google and other search engines work out what your content is about is through the words that are used frequently within the text, which are known as keywords. 

In the early days, people would stuff their content full of a keyword to the point that the text itself became meaningless. Today, however, that would get you penalised for spamming. 

There is no hard and fast rule about what keyword density (the number of times a keyword appears in the text expressed as a percentage) should be, but a good freelance content writer would aim for 3-5%. The real trick is to use as many synonyms and long tailed equivalents of the keywords as you can to increase the relevance of the article to the subject matter without resorting to keyword stuffing.

People will hang around for longer if you have high quality content
It’s no use getting thousands of people to visit your website if they take one look at the first paragraph of content, yawn, and then come straight out again.

If your content articles are poorly written, you can expect high bounce rates. An experienced freelance writer will write content for you that people want to read. The tone of the content article will be aimed at the target reader and it will be engaging, entertaining and informative.

Just filling a page with words won’t generate sales and repeat visitors, those words have to be readable and make sense. Content should be written for the reader first, and the search engines second.

Good content gets shared

The cheapest and most effective of all backlinks are those that come naturally through people sharing your content or linking back to it for reference purposes. Most people will not want to be associated with poorly written content, so they will not share badly written content with their friends or link their websites to it.

Just publish a good piece of content, though, and give it some time, and you will find that your backlinks will grow naturally, along with your visit numbers.

Good content sells

Most importantly, if you have a money making website, it is high quality content that sells. People will judge the quality of your sales offering on the quality of the writing of your content. A well written sales article will set up the sales offering first and then tempt the reader into making a commitment.  It must be well written, though, or the reader will get frustrated or bored and leave before they have even seen what your sales offer is.

Hire a good freelance content writer

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